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Are You Protecting Your Financial Interests During Divorce?

Divorce is an understandably emotional time. But, your financial future is changing. Making wise decisions now will protect you as you move forward with your life. At Silliker & Reinhold Law Office, we defend your financial interests so you can focus on your emotional healing.

With almost 40 years of practice in family law, our firm’s lead attorney is experienced with asset division. We can provide you with detailed financial analysis and advocate for your best possible outcome during division. We help you protect the assets you truly value. Call 717-671-1500 for an initial consultation.

Factors To Consider During Financial Negotiations

When you divide assets in a divorce, there are numerous issues at hand. Whether you are able to reach an amicable solution with your ex or need to go to court, our attorneys help you establish your needs and achieve your goals.

We begin your case by taking clear and proven steps for success. At our office, we:

  • Take a realistic look at your assets and holding
  • Evaluate what property counts as marital property
  • Identify any assets that have unique emotional importance and require special attention
  • Assess your legal options, including negotiations and litigation

There are provisions in Pennsylvania law that exempt certain assets from division. If you hold assets from before your marriage, which was purchased with money earned before your marriage or was obtained through a gift or inheritance, then these may be held as separate property and are not required to be divided.

Our firm is also prepared to help you update your estate plan after divorce.

Get The Tools You Need To Protect Your Future

At our firm, we make sure you have the tools to make the right choices for yourself. Protect your financial health now and in the long term. Send our office an email and schedule an initial consultation today. Find out how we can help, call 717-671-1500 and speak with an attorney with the experience and know-how to guide your divorce.