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Protecting Your Rights During Divorce

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. This crisis applies to adults, but most of all, their children. We try to represent our clients responsibly to avoid needless and prolonged litigation. We try to keep in mind that individuals may divorce, but they will retain the responsibility of positive co-parenting. Moreover, we are acutely aware of the ways that divorce can leave someone vulnerable financially. Our full-service divorce representation protects your rights while maintaining a civil relationship with your spouse.

Silliker & Reinhold Law Office focuses on divorce law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Schedule an appointment with us, so we can get your case settled.

Streamlining Divorce

Marriage is a complicated blending of financial, legal and personal lives. Similarly, divorce is not just a simple process, especially for those who have been married for many years. It requires legal untangling and often raises many emotional responses from both parties. Our attorney guides you through the process and helps you regain your sense of control and agency. Our services include:

Our firm is highly experienced and will guide you throughout the legal process. Whether you need help resolving your divorce issues outside of court or need judicial assistance, we are committed to representing your interests and ensuring you have tools to move forward in a positive direction.

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