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Child Support Is A Right Of All Children

A child has no input in their parents’ decision to stay married, get divorced or remain unmarried. What they do have is the right to support from both parents. The law prioritizes your child’s basic needs, including their access to a safe home, food, clothing and education. Child support exists to help your child access those basic needs. This can be highly contentious. In most cases, an attorney can be a great assistant with these issues because it is almost impossible for individuals to work this out on their own.

Silliker & Reinhold Law Office is a family law firm that emphasizes your child’s best interests. We see families at their best and worst moments and strive to help you maintain your way of life. Our attorney protects your rights as a parent. Email us today and schedule a time to speak with our attorney.

What The Courts Consider During Child Support Cases

Pennsylvania courts determine child support payments through a set of calculations meant to account for both your child’s needs and each parent’s ability to pay for those needs. It will also consider factors like where your child lives and how frequently they spend time with each parent. The resulting payment should provide support for child care, insurance, education costs and medical expenses. Proper accounting is key to a fair child support agreement.

As your attorney, we help evaluate your needs and create a fair, accurate child support agreement. We also identify extenuating factors like an adult child’s severe disability or a parent’s financial hardship.

Protect Your Rights At Silliker & Reinhold Law Office

When Mark Silliker approaches family law, he does so with compassion and with a strong commitment to your rights as a parent. Schedule a time to speak with him at 717-671-1500.