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Helping Guide Families To A Co-Parenting Arrangement That Works

Children are our ultimate blessing. Unfortunately, children are too often ignored by too many people throughout the legal process. This struggle is especially important because children rely on parents to create a stable and healthy environment. An ongoing legal blood bath is extremely destructive to the health of a child. It is very important for lawyers and clients to work closely and cooperatively in order to safeguard the best interest of the children. We will do our best to try to bring about a positive resolution regarding issues of custody.

Silliker & Reinhold Law Office understands child custody cases in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Schedule an appointment with us, so we can get your case settled.

Creating A Living Space Where Your Child Can Thrive

As children grow, their environment is the one thing parents can control. While you cannot control what other children say or how a school day goes, you can provide your child with a healthy emotional space to learn and process new information. After parents divorce, children’s home life can be in serious flux. We help parents create stability in a time of chaos. We ensure you consider the whole picture, including:

  • How to best account for your child’s educational, financial and medical needs
  • Which holidays and other important days each parent values
  • The appropriate way to accommodate for work and after-school activities

Your child is relying on both parents to create stability for them, including for their daily life and for their financial life. We can help you find the balance your family needs.

Get Skilled Custody Advice And Counsel Today

Get experienced care from attorneys with the skill and experience to guide you through your custody issues. We know how important your children are and will ensure that their welfare and your rights are the priority. Get answers to your questions. Call 717-671-1500 to schedule your initial consultation or email us. In some cases, we are able to come to you. Please let us know if travel is an issue.