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Adoptions Are Our Greatest Blessing

When attorney Mark Silliker decided to focus his career on family law, he did not want to be just another divorce lawyer. For this reason, at Silliker & Reinhold Law Office, we focus a large part of our practice on adoption. In fact, we usually help more than 50 families through the adoption process each year, and we can help you as well.

As a family law firm, we see clients facing some of life’s most difficult moments. Fortunately, because of our focus on adoption, we also see clients receiving life’s greatest gifts. Over the years, Silliker & Reinhold Law Office has worked with more than 1,000 families adopting newborns, toddlers, teens and even adult children. In addition, we have worked to help stepparents become new parents and grandparents to become parents again.

Our Firm’s Different Approach To Adoption

While the adoption process in Pennsylvania is basically the same for every family from a legal standpoint, each family’s situation makes the adoption process extremely unique from an emotional standpoint. Whether you are adding to your family via an agency adoption, through the foster care system or from within your own family, our attorney will work with you from the very beginning until we celebrate the adoption with the ceremony at the courthouse. Most importantly, we try to ensure that finances never interfere with the adoption process. We offer very reasonable fees in order to offer all families in Dauphin County and the surrounding areas the chance to grow.

Get Answers To Your Adoption-Related Questions

If you want to grow your family via adoption, you likely have many questions. Our attorney, Mark Silliker, has the answers you need. If you would like to discuss your concerns with him, you can do so by scheduling an initial consultation at our law office in Harrisburg. Call 717-671-1500 or email us to arrange a time to meet.