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Termination of child support in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Child Custody |

Child support is necessary for many families in the Harrisburg area. It is awarded after two parents split up and helps a custodial parent with the many expenses that come with raising children. These can include medical expenses, school expenses, food and clothing, etc. These court-ordered payments commonly end at a child’s age of maturity. But what does that mean in Pennsylvania?

“Age of Maturity”

In Pennsylvania, the “age of maturity” is typically when child support payments end. This is when the child turns 18 years old or graduates high school. Even when a child reaches the “age of maturity” child support payments do not automatically end. The parent making the payments needs to file a modification petition in order end payments.

Can a child support order be extended?

A child support order may be extended if both parents agree to provide support while the child is in college. It may also be extended if a child has special needs.

Ending child support early

Child support may end early in the following circumstances:

  • Child gets married
  • Child joins the military
  • Child becomes financially independent

A legal professional who is skilled in child support can help their client understand their child support obligations. Child support exists to help children access basic needs. Child support is often a contentious issue and can be almost impossible for parents to work out child support on their own. An attorney can help evaluate their client’s needs and create a fair, accurate child support agreement. The payment can provide for the child’s child care, insurance, education costs and medical expenses, helping parents ensure their child is well-taken care of regardless of the parents’ relationship.