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Divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person's life. This crisis applies to the adults, but most of all their children. We try to represent our clients responsibly to avoid needless and prolonged litigation. We try to keep in mind that individuals may divorce, but they will retain the responsibility of positive co-parenting. Indeed, some day they will share grandchildren.


Child Support, Spousal Support, & Alimony

Unfortunately, finances are a very important part of life. Child support is a right of all children, and these rights must be assured. Spousal support and alimony can cause friction, but they are also a necessity of life.

In most cases, an attorney can be a great assistant with these issues because it is almost impossible for individuals to work this out on their own.

Property Settlements

Final division of marital property can be very difficult to achieve. For a relatively modest fee, our law office can help prepare a legally binding agreement which relates to all marital property, including pensions and retirement accounts.

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